Maintenance and management of? HONOR manual pumps

Average person for machinery, equipment or hazardous substances, is usually know to the maintenance, but for the use of hand tools are often inadvertently, so that the proportion of the injured hand tools instead of a machine is, so before using hand tools, maintenance and management, is even more important.

maintenance of? HONOR manual pumps

  1. The pumps should be checked and maintained regularly.
  2. If there is any failure or damage, the use should be stopped immediately.
  3. Maintenance should be maintained when not in use.
  4. All pumps must be used according to the intended use.
  5. The pumps is not assembled firmly and is not used.
  6. The pumps should be maintained in a static state.
  7. Stop the use of damaged or loose pumps.
  8. The pumps has reached the service life (5 years) or the limit of use.
  9. In the maintenance of the pumps, the original design is not damaged.

The pumps belongs to consumables, and it is familiar with the correct use of manual pump to reduce the occurrence of injury accidents.

Prevention of air cylinder injury

  1. The direct factor of damage caused by the air pump: impact or impact: ①the instrument used is out of control or out of balance, so that it hits the user or the nearby human body.②knock: to be hurt by the horn of the pump.
  1. The cause of damage caused by the pump:① improper use of the cylinder.②Long term maintenance.③Do not check the gas pump before use.④The method used is not correct.⑤Improper storage of gas pump causes quality problems.
  1. Principle of safe use of pump: ①choose the air pump suitable for filling.②Keep the pump in good condition.③Choose the pump with good material.④Do check the pump before use.⑤The pump is used correctly.⑥The pump should be placed in a safe place.

Most people are not trained before using manual tools, which can lead to accidental injury.

According to the statistics, the damage caused by improper use of manual tools accounts for 7% to 8% of all accidental injuries.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the proper use method of various kinds of manual tools and portable power tools.

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